Drive snapshot руководство

drive snapshot руководство
Figure 8.1.17 indicates that the disk replacement was successful in this example. VirtualBox virtual machines support screen resolutions many times that of a physical screen, allowing them to be spread over a large number of screens attached to the host system.Built-in iSCSI support. Anyone who has the keys has the ability to re-import the disks if they are discarded or stolen. Next, select your volume’s name. At the bottom of the interface you will see several icons, one of which is “Volume Status”. Click the “Volume Status” icon and locate the failed disk. Trip detailsShows more info about a specific trip with a map that highlights where you had a hard brake, fast acceleration, or used your phone.

Figure 8.4a displays the default settings for the volume named volume1. In this example, the entry has been highlighted and the “Edit” button clicked in order to display the “Edit” screen. This is both faster and uses less disk space. Select the replacement disk from the drop-down menu and click the “Replace Disk” button. If the disk is a member of an encrypted ZFS pool, the menu will also prompt you to input and confirm the passphrase for the pool.

This design is only suitable for safe disposal of disks independent of the encryption key. As long as the key and the disks are intact, the system is vulnerable to being decrypted. Since hash collisions are extremely rare, Verify is usually not worth the performance hit. Users who want to schedule backup jobs are provided with a comprehensive command-line interface. This type of encryption is primarily targeted at users who store sensitive data and want to retain the ability to remove disks from the pool without having to first wipe the disk’s contents. The next scrub to run starts from the beginning, not where the cancelled scrub left off. Hardware that supports AHCI does not require a reboot.

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