Tc helicon voicetone harmony-m инструкция

tc helicon voicetone harmony-m инструкция
The finer changes to preset sounds are done via the touchscreen and LCD interface, where you can alter the deeper details of the presets, including the actual mix/balance of the various components of which the preset consists. But what if we told you that, along with improvements in harmony-generation technology, the TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 now offers some of the best thought‑out looping technology on offer for vocalists? Jim from Pennsylvania May 22, 2017Music Background:Retired pro musician Fun device Harmonies & reverb effects sound good. Looping has long been a hit with organic vocal enthusiasts as a way of creating harmonies. This is an essential piece for any solo artist. Its never been wet and I keep it clean but for some reason the solder joints around the power supply go cold and won’t connect properly.

Adjusting the level of the harmonies relative to the main vocal can help further if you still aren’t happy with the results, but I really do think the VoiceLive 3 does a good job of sounding natural and full. Really a nice piece of gear, easy to use right out of box. The Natural Play mode I mentioned earlier is the mode that many of the harmony-generating presets on the VoiceLive 3 will default to. It uses the signal from the instrument channel (along with the signal from your voice) to set the notes for harmonies. Just would be an easier and cleaner setup with those line level in/out. Oh, and I’d like to not have to put a jack in the guitar thru connector to keep that signal out of the main output. Thanks guys (and gals). Jeff Owens from Fairland, IN August 24, 2015Music Background:Profesional Very versatile I love using this piece of equipment. I actually have two of them.

Such basic considerations are vital on stage, where lighting can be poor. Customer from August 17, 2015 TC HELICON HARMONIZER I was using the $800 voice live II….Never really liked it…too many settings, too many knobs. This gives you a lot more scope for creating those interesting harmonies that play with strains and/or drones. This isn’t the VT’s fault, just another stage-volume issue to manage: turn it on just before you need it, off after. But when asked to help out in my band by singing a song or two, and singing backup on others, I had to try. I cannot hit the notes exactly half the time. My voice waivers when trying to hold a note.

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